Monday, December 17, 2012

Kim Adist and Reagan Tunstall!!

Note the was a low temperature of 29 in San Antonio that morning and the heat in the building was not on!

Heather and I attended Kim Adsit's workshop "DI for the Little Guy" in San Antonio last week.  She is a FABULOUS presenter!!! We drove three hours to see her and we were not disappointed.  Kim is SO organized, smart and funny.  My favorite saying of the day was "...stop beating the kids over the head with the alphabet stick."  Meaning MOVE ON!!! If you only have 5 or 6 that haven't mastered letters/sounds work with those students in a small group.  AMEN!!!!

We had lunch with sweet Reagan Tunstall and her A.P.  It was a great trip!


  1. I just love them both!! How fun!!!

  2. I love reading your articles.. they are very interesting..
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