Thursday, December 13, 2012

12 in 12

I am so excited to be linking up with two of my favorite bloggers...Hadar and Kristin!


12.)   Favorite Movie

By far......Hunger Games!  I read EVERY book and could not wait for the movie!!  It was the first movie I ever stood in line for on premier day and it did not disappoint!  I can't wait for #2!!!!

11.)  New TV Series


I don't really know why but I am obsessed with watching this show!!!  I was loving Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, too!  it ended last night! Bummer!!!
Not new......


10.)  Restaurant



9.)  Favorite new thing you tried

Okay...there is a story behind this.  I QUIT drinking soda!!!!  I was addicted to Coke big time and I really wanted to stop so I tried this at Starbucks ('cause I'm also addicted to vanilla lattes!) and I really liked it!  I finally asked them which green tea they used and they showed me this.  Then they started making it for the Keurig! Yay! So now I make one to take with me to school (after my latte)  :)

8.) Favorite gift

My new Nissan Armada....for sure!!! We had one about 3 years ago that we drove until it had about 160,000 miles then traded it in!  We had 3 cars since then and finally got another Armada!!!!  I love it!!!!

7.)  Favorite thing you pinned

Ohmiword...there are sooo many!  But this had to be one of my favorites because I say this to my kids all the time!

6.)  Favorite blog post

Well.....I just love blogging!  So.....I can't pick one!!  

5.)  Best accomplishment


Renate and I were chosen to present our SMARTboard presentation at Frog Street Press SPLASH this past summer!  I had never done any presenting soooo......I was nervous!  It was wonderful and SPLASH is always a blast!  We were chosen to present again this summer...2013!!!  Yay!!!

4.)  Favorite Picture

I LOVE this picture!!!  These are my boys in Seaside, Florida this summer!  Seaside is our FAVORITE place!  It is seriously like another world!  It is soooo relaxing and such a wonderful time to be together as a family!!!  I think you can see all of that in this photo!!!!

3.) Favorite Memory


2.)  Goal for 2013


and learn to LOVE it!  :)

1.)  One Little Word for 2013

I will remember I am blessed!  Too blessed to be stressed!  I will be counting my many blessings as the year ticks on and cherishing everyone!
Have a blessed 2013

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