Saturday, May 18, 2013

Celebrate Good Times!

 We are busy preparing for our "Celebration of Learning" that will take place Monday morning!!!  I have been putting together the kids scrapbooks, making my end of year DVD (that will be shown Monday to the parents), burning 21 DVD's (they each get one to take home), preparing their awards (in cute little envelopes), making candy awards to present on Monday...and in the meantime turning my room and hallway into a castle!!!! :)
We have been studying fairy tales for the past couple of weeks so our celebration has a fairy tale theme!  It has been super fun but super exhausting!!!  I will be glad when Tuesday rolls around!!!  Here are some pictures of my week!!
Our prince and princess faces that frame our doorway.
The words say...
"And they all lived happily ever after!"
So perfect for the end of the

My tower on the door with our
Paper Bag Princess characters.

Our castle in the hallway!  I am hanging a sample of all our hard work out there on it.
The words say "Kindergarten is a fairy tale".

Hallway bulletin board.  I copied the idea for the
knight and princess from the adorable
room of Glyph Girls!

Underneath hallway bulletin board....Black & Whites of my kiddos.  Underneath their picture is their favorite thing about kindergarten.  
I think the parents will love these!!

Graduation kiddos!!  
Still my favorite project that
we do in K!!!

They always look JUST like them!!!  Love it!
 Click here to purchase!!

Close-up of the black & whites!!

Jack and the beanstalk from Reagan Tunstall's unit.

The frog prince!  
 Well...I need to go finish those scrapbooks!  Off to Walgreens to pick up more pictures!  :)
I'll post more pictures of how I did their scrapbooks this year, and more about our Celebration!!
Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rapunzal, Rapunzal!

I have never done a Fairy Tale unit, but I LOVE it!!!  Today we read Rapunzal, the traditional tale and a "twisted tale" called Falling for Rapunzal.  It was a very funny story about Rapunzal "letting down" other things, such as underwear (any book with underwear always gets a laugh), a pig, etc...
Then, the kids created a tower and illustrated something that Rapunzal could "let down".  The responses ranged from "colorful apple" and "watermelon" to "door" and "doll".  Gotta LOVE kinder!!

"Rapunzal, Rapunzal, let down your colorful apple," said ____.

 We've completed our Fairy Tale journal.  On Monday, we have our Kindergarten Celebration of Learning.  More on that later...
The journal is at the bottom of this display.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fairy Tale Journal in "Action"

As part of our Fairy Tale unit, we are completing our journal.  Here's a peek!
Check it out here.