Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New Year and a SALE

Stock up for the spring semester and enjoy 20% off everything in our store!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ring in 2013 with a writing and craft activity

Ring in the New Year with this book and craft.  Your students will write and illustrate their resolutions on the pages.  The book includes three age appropriate writing prompts and room to illustrate.  Patterns for the ring and labels for the candy pop rings are included.  Click here to check it out.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Parent Gifts...Completed!!

We finished our parents gifts today.  I used the plastic balls from Wal-Mart and painted the students' tiny fingertips.  Each fingertip had a different color.  I pressed them to the ornament, slightly spaced apart.  Then, with a Sharpie, added the black details to resemble lights or ornaments hanging.  Then, added the green details for the tree needles and dots of red for holly berries.  I attached the little rhyme below...

No parent gift would be complete without a handprint reindeer!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Class gifts...COMPLETED!!!

At the end of last year, I gave my students some old used  well-loved dry erase boards.  The class was THRILLED!!!  As most of you know, use white shower boards and have Home Depot cut them.  My local Home Depot cuts them for free.:)))  For 24 boards, it was $11 !! So, for Christmas gifts, I decided to give each child a personalized whiteboard.  I trimmed each board with duct tape... Camo for boys, zebra for girls.  For the marker, I added a pom-pom for the eraser (Pinterest) and a Velcro sticky dot to attach the marker to the board.  I wrote their name with a Sharpie.  I think they look great!! 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Kim Adist and Reagan Tunstall!!

Note the was a low temperature of 29 in San Antonio that morning and the heat in the building was not on!

Heather and I attended Kim Adsit's workshop "DI for the Little Guy" in San Antonio last week.  She is a FABULOUS presenter!!! We drove three hours to see her and we were not disappointed.  Kim is SO organized, smart and funny.  My favorite saying of the day was "...stop beating the kids over the head with the alphabet stick."  Meaning MOVE ON!!! If you only have 5 or 6 that haven't mastered letters/sounds work with those students in a small group.  AMEN!!!!

We had lunch with sweet Reagan Tunstall and her A.P.  It was a great trip!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Thursday, December 13, 2012

12 in 12

I am so excited to be linking up with two of my favorite bloggers...Hadar and Kristin!


12.)   Favorite Movie

By far......Hunger Games!  I read EVERY book and could not wait for the movie!!  It was the first movie I ever stood in line for on premier day and it did not disappoint!  I can't wait for #2!!!!

11.)  New TV Series


I don't really know why but I am obsessed with watching this show!!!  I was loving Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, too!  it ended last night! Bummer!!!
Not new......


10.)  Restaurant



9.)  Favorite new thing you tried

Okay...there is a story behind this.  I QUIT drinking soda!!!!  I was addicted to Coke big time and I really wanted to stop so I tried this at Starbucks ('cause I'm also addicted to vanilla lattes!) and I really liked it!  I finally asked them which green tea they used and they showed me this.  Then they started making it for the Keurig! Yay! So now I make one to take with me to school (after my latte)  :)

8.) Favorite gift

My new Nissan Armada....for sure!!! We had one about 3 years ago that we drove until it had about 160,000 miles then traded it in!  We had 3 cars since then and finally got another Armada!!!!  I love it!!!!

7.)  Favorite thing you pinned

Ohmiword...there are sooo many!  But this had to be one of my favorites because I say this to my kids all the time!

6.)  Favorite blog post

Well.....I just love blogging!  So.....I can't pick one!!  

5.)  Best accomplishment


Renate and I were chosen to present our SMARTboard presentation at Frog Street Press SPLASH this past summer!  I had never done any presenting soooo......I was nervous!  It was wonderful and SPLASH is always a blast!  We were chosen to present again this summer...2013!!!  Yay!!!

4.)  Favorite Picture

I LOVE this picture!!!  These are my boys in Seaside, Florida this summer!  Seaside is our FAVORITE place!  It is seriously like another world!  It is soooo relaxing and such a wonderful time to be together as a family!!!  I think you can see all of that in this photo!!!!

3.) Favorite Memory


2.)  Goal for 2013


and learn to LOVE it!  :)

1.)  One Little Word for 2013

I will remember I am blessed!  Too blessed to be stressed!  I will be counting my many blessings as the year ticks on and cherishing everyone!
Have a blessed 2013

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Reindeer and Kim Adsit

Reindeer's cousin
Rudolph at the window
The rhyme on the back

This week, with some help from Pinterest, we created some cute reindeer craftivities.

Heather and I are leaving for San Antonio to attend Kim Adsit's workshop!  We're so excited!