Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Class gifts...COMPLETED!!!

At the end of last year, I gave my students some old used  well-loved dry erase boards.  The class was THRILLED!!!  As most of you know, use white shower boards and have Home Depot cut them.  My local Home Depot cuts them for free.:)))  For 24 boards, it was $11 !! So, for Christmas gifts, I decided to give each child a personalized whiteboard.  I trimmed each board with duct tape... Camo for boys, zebra for girls.  For the marker, I added a pom-pom for the eraser (Pinterest) and a Velcro sticky dot to attach the marker to the board.  I wrote their name with a Sharpie.  I think they look great!! 


  1. Megan and I have made thesse for a few years after a teacher shared the idea with me at a conference. Our kids LOVE them! My daughter in law, Ginny, made them for her pre k class this year!Here's our post: http://kindergals.blogspot.com/2011/12/random-christmas-ideas.html?showComment=1355802820384#c1898343249100822043

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