Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear!

Last week we studied bears and two of my favorite stories...Brown Bear Brown Bear and Goldilocks and The Three Bears!  We make these adorable bear purses!
They cut out their bear heads (2), I staple them together up to the ears and add curly ribbon for the strap.  They then add on circles for eyes, ears, and nose.  They draw a smile and sequence the characters from Brown Bear, Brown Bear!  They LOVE them....even the boys! :)

I snagged this idea from Kimberly Jordano at a workshop one summer!

We end our bear unit with a Teddy Bear Parade!!!

Our entire school Pre-K - 4th grade sit outside their rooms and we parade the halls with our favorite bears!  We make these cute little hats!  We adapted this idea from Pam Greening at Overall Success!
I add this picture and their individual pictures with their bears to their scrapbooks that I mentioned in an earlier post.  I copy this poem on bear-themed paper:

Parading by for all to see
Just my little friend and me!
I am loving the following things right now:
1.  This Initial Sound Fluency Packet  from Donna Glynn- you can get it on TPT!  I put each colored page under my document camera and we do a page each day!  We say the names of the pictures, the first sound/letter for each picture, the last sound for each picture, and then we stretch the word (like stretchy word snake) and say the middle sound!  It is working soooo great!
2.)  I am loving that 14 out of my 18 Kinder Kiddos know all of their letters and sounds!  WOO-HOO!  We use the fun, motivational Chicka Chicka Trees from Deanna Jump!  Each kiddo makes a tree!  When they know the letters and sounds they get to add that letter to their tree!  When their tree is full it goes up on our board and they earn a trip to the treasure chest!
She earned her goofy glasses!
This is where they go up when completed!  Several more have completed their trees since this photo was snapped!  YAY!
3.)  I am loving these cute kids from Deanna Jump that are hanging in my hall!  They are almost as cute as the kiddos in my class! :)

We will be studying the farm for the next 3 weeks!  I will be back with some more "MOO-velous" pictures!!