Sunday, December 1, 2013

It's All On SALE!!

I know you have ALL heard about the BIG TPT sale!  Of course we are participating!  Visit our TPT shop to get all of you SMARTboard needs met for December!  Or if your super organized you can stock up for the rest of the year with our SMARTboard products or our math and literacy units for Texas, Oviparous animals, etc.... RUN, run, run as fast as you can and check it out!  Click HERE to visit our store!  Happy Shopping!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Mayflower Facts Craftivity

After brainstorming Mayflower facts, the students created their own Mayflower with a simple fact book.  They chose their favorite facts from our chart.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Just a Few Photos

Our "vets" inspired by Pinterest.  The flags are torn paper.  I love the blond "vet" on the bottom row with the eyes on the helmet.:)

Also, from Pinterest...scarecrows!

Hopefully, I can post more often than every two months!


Monday, September 9, 2013

Better Late Than NEVER!

I decided that even though it is SUPER late I would show you how my room checks out this year!  I love looking at the pictures that other bloggers share so I thought you MIGHT just want to see mine!  I really love how it all turned out!
View from the door..
Writers Workshop area....

Math workstations...

Outside my classroom....

Sink area and word work....
I will post my exciting vocabulary words here....
I will post our "hard to spell" words here....
Behavior chart..... 

Tubs of books....word wall....

I have lots of other pics to share but blogger is not cooperating with me and my pictures right now...I will post them in a follow up post.
I hope your school year is off to a great start!  My class is super cute and super sweet!
Have a wonderful week,

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Everyone Loves a Sale! TPT Sale 8/18-8/19

 The big Back to School sale at TPT begins on August 18-August 19. Take an additional 20% off our entire store and enter the code BTS13 and save up to 28%.  Click on the photo to go directly to our store. I know my cart is FULL and I'm waiting for the sale to start on August 18 to check out:)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dont' Flip Out...FLASH sale

Check out our newest flipbook...“Flip Out Eat and Play Version”.  Each flip book has pictures and common kindergarten sight words. I use these books as part of my station rotation. The students color, trace, write the word in the boxes and cut the strips. The students stack the strips by matching the stars. The strips can be in any order. At the station, I include a stapler and the students staple on the star. They read their book to their station partner and put it in their book boxes. These books are great for practicing handwriting and sight word recognition. Click on the's half price until Tuesday at noon.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

On our way to...Dallas

Heather and I are leaving tomorrow for the Frog Street Press Conference in Dallas.  We will be presenting Friday afternoon.  Stop by and see us!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Another Fun Freebie & WINNERS!!

So.. my 12 year old son picked the numbers for the winners!!  How is that for a random number generator.....and they are totally random!  Here they are!!!!
Thanks Ashley Hughes for the fun free backgrounds from your giveaway!

I also have a freebie for you all today!  My classroom has a beach monkey theme so I
wanted to make a cute letter recognition game for the beginning of the year to do in
a small group setting!  

This is played just like your normal games where as long as they can identify the letter or the beginning sound they keep their cards.  If they get a nuts card they have to put their cards back into the center.
Alphabet recognition
or beginning sounds practice! 
Can I just say I LOVE those monkeys so much!!!!

Click HERE to grab it!

Now I am off to watch my son play in the Little League All Star championship game!!!
If we win we are off to sectionals!  He assures me we are going all the way to the Little League World Series!  I hope so!  LOL!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Freebie For Your Friday! And...Bloglovin Giveaway!!!

Happy Friday!  I have a freebie for you today!  It is just a little Brown Bear, Brown Bear fun that I whipped up.  Again....I am thinking of the beginning of the year and the process of teaching literacy centers/stations so it is super simple...but gets them in the habit of recording on a recording sheet.  The kiddos will pull out a card, find the matching animal on their recording sheet, color the animal, and trace the color word.

Click HERE to download and enjoy!

We are linking up with Collaboration Cuties in their Bloglovin Giveaway!!!
We will choose 3 winners to receive any 2 items of their choice from our TPT store!!!
Just comment below and leave the name you are following us with on Bloglovin and your email address!  We will choose 3 winners on July 1st!
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Flipbooks - Half Price

“Flip Out Alphabet Version” is a series of flipbooks that students create for every letter of the alphabet.  Each flipbook has four pictures for the focus letter and common kindergarten sight words.  I use these books as part of my station rotation.  

The students color, trace, write the word in the boxes and cut the strips.  The students stack the strips by matching the stars.  The strips can be in any order.  At the station, I include a stapler and the students staple on the star.  They read their book to their station partner and put it in their book boxes. These books are great for practicing handwriting, letter and sight word recognition. They are on sale for half price until Saturday at noon.  Click on the photos to check them out!  Look for a freebie coming soon:)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Flash Sale! $2.00 (yep!)

Sometimes I think all I teach for WEEKS are rules and procedures.  Last year, I made this activity with my kinders and it was great!  For the first week of school, during our morning meeting, we added two or three positive and negative behaviors to our chart.  Then, throughout the year, we would review.  With the chart, we read No David and David Goes to School by David Shannon.   My kinders made the boy and illustrated a negative, then, the positive behavior that corresponded.  They loved it!  It's on TPT for $2.00 until Wednesday at noon. Click on the photo to go to our store.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Time To Get Busy!

Well I have been busy getting my summer on!  I went to North Carolina to Pinehurst because my hubby had to speak at an EMS conference.  Beautiful place!!  Neatest little village to shop in, too!  But.....sooooo far from Texas! Then we made our annual trek to Seaside, Fl for a week of relaxation at it's best!!  Wonderful!!!! Now it's time to get busy making things for my classroom, blogging, cleaning out closets, cabinets, organizing....etc!  Basically what all teachers do during the summer!
I saw this post on Pinterest and it inspired me to make something for my classroom.
"Seashell Sight Words" (from Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten: Down by the Sea Centers)

Introducing.....Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Letter Cards and Picture Fun!!
(Because that is the first theme we do in my classroom along with all things name and back to school!) Ha!
Uppercase Cards
Lowercase "black-eyed P"

And...cute coconuts for beginning sounds! The clipart is from Graphics From The Pond!  Soooo cute!

I envision using this week one...when I am introducing the idea to my kinders about stations.
There are sooo many ways to use this:
-One table can be pulling out a card and writing the uppercase letters in their sand tray (see inspirational photo up above).
-One table can be pulling out a card and writing the lowercase letters in their sand tray.
-One table can be pulling out a card and writing the letter that makes the beginning sound for the picture on their coconut in their sand tray.

Later....put these in a station.
They can match uppercase and lowercase letters, match beginning sound to the letter, put the letters in abc order, or put the letters in abc order and put the correct coconut underneath!  So much fun!
Click HERE to go check it out!

I also remade my clip chart for my classroom!  I wanted one of those that gives my little "monkeys" (I have a beach monkey theme in my room) a chance to move up if they are having an exceptional day!

So I created this little chart!  It has all the levels and colors the traditional clip charts have...with cute monkey clip art and cute sayings to go along with it!  LOVE!
Click HERE to check it out
I hope y'all all are having a wonderful summer!!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

"Just Calendars" for Smartboard

 "Just Calendars" for Smart Boards have been posted to TPT.  There is a calendar and day of the week page for each month.  Check it by clicking on the image.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

School's Out! Summer Plans!

The last day of school was yesterday!  Like most of you, I'm always thinking about next year and the improvements I can make.  So, while blog hopping, I saw a book study on Live, Love, Laugh.  Just what I need!
I also pre-ordered Pete's new book!
On a personal note, my daughter is studying for a month in South Africa with a group from her college.  She sent me this beautiful photo this morning from Cape Town.  I think I need to add South Africa to my "bucket list"!


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Celebrate Good Times!

 We are busy preparing for our "Celebration of Learning" that will take place Monday morning!!!  I have been putting together the kids scrapbooks, making my end of year DVD (that will be shown Monday to the parents), burning 21 DVD's (they each get one to take home), preparing their awards (in cute little envelopes), making candy awards to present on Monday...and in the meantime turning my room and hallway into a castle!!!! :)
We have been studying fairy tales for the past couple of weeks so our celebration has a fairy tale theme!  It has been super fun but super exhausting!!!  I will be glad when Tuesday rolls around!!!  Here are some pictures of my week!!
Our prince and princess faces that frame our doorway.
The words say...
"And they all lived happily ever after!"
So perfect for the end of the

My tower on the door with our
Paper Bag Princess characters.

Our castle in the hallway!  I am hanging a sample of all our hard work out there on it.
The words say "Kindergarten is a fairy tale".

Hallway bulletin board.  I copied the idea for the
knight and princess from the adorable
room of Glyph Girls!

Underneath hallway bulletin board....Black & Whites of my kiddos.  Underneath their picture is their favorite thing about kindergarten.  
I think the parents will love these!!

Graduation kiddos!!  
Still my favorite project that
we do in K!!!

They always look JUST like them!!!  Love it!
 Click here to purchase!!

Close-up of the black & whites!!

Jack and the beanstalk from Reagan Tunstall's unit.

The frog prince!  
 Well...I need to go finish those scrapbooks!  Off to Walgreens to pick up more pictures!  :)
I'll post more pictures of how I did their scrapbooks this year, and more about our Celebration!!
Have a great weekend!!