Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Glimpse into my classroom!

I thought some of you out there might want to see what my classroom is looking like lately.  I have a "beach monkey" theme in my room and as you'll see on some of my boards we have been busy!

This is the sink area, birthday banner, and our little stores from Poco & Pop- We use these a little later in the year for practice with money.
This is our tree where we will track all of our letters from our letter exchange with Brooke Perry from Primary Perspective!

Our door- Welcome to Kindergarten!
No More Monkeying Around- behavior clip chart
Our "compliment" tree...for whenever someone compliments our class- 5 bananas = Party!!!

Shelf above our cubbies- My birthday balloon pixie sticks are in the cute monkey!
Smartboard..."stage" is underneath (my awesome hubby made it)...Document camera....student of the week board

Our class library and word wall

Where we will track our "Rainbow Words"- each child will get a rainbow to put on the board to track with

Letters on the bus from Deanna Jump!

We learned how to do our calendar opening on the SMARTboard!  They loovvee it!

More practice!
We practiced using "raindrops" of  glue.....NOT "puddles"!  Rainbow names from Deanna Jump!

We've been reading Chicka Chicka Boom we did our first science experiment!  Will a coconut sink or float?
More practice with "raindrops" of glue...our initials!

We graphed boys and girls!
All of this WORE US OUT!!!!

30 minute naps just are not long enough!  Good thing we have WEEKENDS!!!
Stay tuned for more!!  I forgot to take pictures of my outside bulletin boards and what we did there!