Saturday, July 28, 2012

Splash 2012 Freebie

Wow!!!  Heather and I presented at Splash on Thursday. We were the LAST presentation on the LAST day.  So, we were VERY surprised to see a room full of people.  After a little technical delay (YIKES!), the technical guy fixed the cable, we did our first presentation together.  Our presentation was titled "Celebrate Smartbaord Technology".  We shared LOTS of ideas on combining music, youtube videos, photos and clipart with a Smartboard to make lessons more exciting.  We have posted pictures of the presentation's slides on TPT for free to use as a resource.  Remember, we have also posted a 51 page "Birthday Unit" on's just a little thank you to everyone who came to our presentation and those of you who follow us!!!


  1. Thank you for sharing your slides! Wish I could have been there. I have purchased many of your smartboard monthly calendar sets and others. I noticed on your Frog Street Press slides there is a picture of a Daily 5 screen. In what set do you sell that? I love that!!!! Thanks for all you do and for sharing you fun stuff.

  2. We don't sell it. But...I can try to e-mail it to you later this week:)

  3. Hi Ladies,

    I attended the Splash.. I was wondering will any of your smart board activities or programs work on a promethean Boards abd PC's or is it only for Mac and smartboards?

  4. They will only work on SmartBoards...sorry.

  5. Just checking in to. See if you were able to email the Daily 5 Smartboard screen