Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Classroom Freebies!!

I have been obsessing a little (ok...a lot) about how I want to re-arrange and re-do my classroom for next year!  I love this picture from Pinterest and REALLY wanted to do this for next year!  I don't know about ya'll but my kiddos were ALWAYS changing how they would go home!  This is great!  No more re-making the bus list/car list everytime one changes their mode of transportation or you get a new student!!!
The Pinterest link was to Tattling To The Teacher's blog but it did not link directly so I never could find it on her blog!  So....I made my own in the colors I will be using in my room!
Click HERE and it will take you to our TPT page for your freebie!  I am going to cut the labels out, hang some super cute ribbon that matches my color scheme and maybe dye some clothespins to use with it!  It's gonna be great!! We have an after school program called Kool After School....so that's what that one is all about!  I made a Day Care for all of you that will need that one!

I also was inspired by the Clutter Free Classroom's blog post about numbering your students!  I made some dots to use for this purpose in my classroom colors as well!
Click HERE and it will take you to our TPT page for this freebie!



  1. Love your blog! I am now following your blog. Please follow mine too. I am a newbie blogger and I am looking for Kinder teachers to share ideas with.
    Mrs. Janelle


  2. Love it! I've become your newest follower and given you an award! Please come on over to my page and grab it! (Hopefully you can follow my page too!)

  3. That is such a great idea! My kids were always changing modes of transportation too! Great way to keep track-thanks for sharing.


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  5. I'm your newest follower- I start teaching kinder in th fall!!! I'm so excited! Great idea btw!