Friday, July 3, 2015

My year in reverse continues...100th day.

Making the 100th day hats.

Collecting 100 numbers.
Putting 100 numbers on the chart.
Making 100th day ice cream cones.
Our 100th day snack.

I continuing my year in reverse!  I love to look back at all the fun things we did.  These photos are from the month of February...our 100th day celebration.  I have made these 100th day hats for years.  We have some wonderful volunteers that cut the construction paper strips then, glue 10 construction paper strips to a sentence strip.  The kids use dot markers and put 10 dots on each construction paper strip. Next, we had a number hunt.  In the past, I have put the paper number in a balloon.  The kids would crawl on their knees and sit on the balloon to pop it and get the number that was inside.  However, this year I had air compressor I scattered the numbers throughout my room. I assigned the numbers to hunt.  For example, numbers that have a 2 in the tens place.  Or, numbers that have the same number in the ones and tens place (like 55).  Then, we place all the numbers on a chart (no photo).  Our paper ice cream cones were from fabulous Cara Carroll, I think.  The kids chose 10 scoops and glued them on top of their cones.  Then, they wrote by tens on each scoop.  Finally, of course, we have to eat!  They counted out ten of each of the ten different items and put them in their baggie.  This activity has been done a zillion times, but the kids still love it!

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