Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Draw, Flip, Read

I'm just doing a little summer drawing...my kids (and parents) love any directed drawing activities we do!  Each drawing is always unique.  I combined my directed drawing lessons with a flip book and an independent writing sheet and posted it to TPT. “Draw, Flip, Read” is a series of theme related directed drawings
with flip books and an independent writing page, for each drawing.  Step by step written instructions and step by step illustrations are included for each drawing.  Great for vocabulary and geometry terms such as:  above, below, before, after, right, left, adjacent, rectangle, right angle, etc. The themes included in this set are:  Brown Bear, Colorful Cat, Coconut Tree, Big Red Barn and Johnny Appleseed.  This set is great for August/September themes such as, Back to School, Colors, Farm, Names and Apples.  Sight words in this unit are: on, a we, can, where, is, the, has, here, comes, up, are, see, the, I, brown, red, yellow, blue, green, purple, white, black, orange.  Look for more “Draw, Flip, Read” products on TPT. Click here to check it out for $5.  A free download, “Fairy Tale” version is available on TPT.

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