Friday, June 21, 2013

Time To Get Busy!

Well I have been busy getting my summer on!  I went to North Carolina to Pinehurst because my hubby had to speak at an EMS conference.  Beautiful place!!  Neatest little village to shop in, too!  But.....sooooo far from Texas! Then we made our annual trek to Seaside, Fl for a week of relaxation at it's best!!  Wonderful!!!! Now it's time to get busy making things for my classroom, blogging, cleaning out closets, cabinets, organizing....etc!  Basically what all teachers do during the summer!
I saw this post on Pinterest and it inspired me to make something for my classroom.
"Seashell Sight Words" (from Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten: Down by the Sea Centers)

Introducing.....Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Letter Cards and Picture Fun!!
(Because that is the first theme we do in my classroom along with all things name and back to school!) Ha!
Uppercase Cards
Lowercase "black-eyed P"

And...cute coconuts for beginning sounds! The clipart is from Graphics From The Pond!  Soooo cute!

I envision using this week one...when I am introducing the idea to my kinders about stations.
There are sooo many ways to use this:
-One table can be pulling out a card and writing the uppercase letters in their sand tray (see inspirational photo up above).
-One table can be pulling out a card and writing the lowercase letters in their sand tray.
-One table can be pulling out a card and writing the letter that makes the beginning sound for the picture on their coconut in their sand tray.

Later....put these in a station.
They can match uppercase and lowercase letters, match beginning sound to the letter, put the letters in abc order, or put the letters in abc order and put the correct coconut underneath!  So much fun!
Click HERE to go check it out!

I also remade my clip chart for my classroom!  I wanted one of those that gives my little "monkeys" (I have a beach monkey theme in my room) a chance to move up if they are having an exceptional day!

So I created this little chart!  It has all the levels and colors the traditional clip charts have...with cute monkey clip art and cute sayings to go along with it!  LOVE!
Click HERE to check it out
I hope y'all all are having a wonderful summer!!!

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