Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Flipbooks - Half Price

“Flip Out Alphabet Version” is a series of flipbooks that students create for every letter of the alphabet.  Each flipbook has four pictures for the focus letter and common kindergarten sight words.  I use these books as part of my station rotation.  

The students color, trace, write the word in the boxes and cut the strips.  The students stack the strips by matching the stars.  The strips can be in any order.  At the station, I include a stapler and the students staple on the star.  They read their book to their station partner and put it in their book boxes. These books are great for practicing handwriting, letter and sight word recognition. They are on sale for half price until Saturday at noon.  Click on the photos to check them out!  Look for a freebie coming soon:)


  1. Cute ideas. I was looking for your "bat" activities that I saw mentioned on another blog. I can't seem to find them on your blog, did you delete your bat activities post?