Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rapunzal, Rapunzal!

I have never done a Fairy Tale unit, but I LOVE it!!!  Today we read Rapunzal, the traditional tale and a "twisted tale" called Falling for Rapunzal.  It was a very funny story about Rapunzal "letting down" other things, such as underwear (any book with underwear always gets a laugh), a pig, etc...
Then, the kids created a tower and illustrated something that Rapunzal could "let down".  The responses ranged from "colorful apple" and "watermelon" to "door" and "doll".  Gotta LOVE kinder!!

"Rapunzal, Rapunzal, let down your colorful apple," said ____.

 We've completed our Fairy Tale journal.  On Monday, we have our Kindergarten Celebration of Learning.  More on that later...
The journal is at the bottom of this display.


  1. I bought your fairy tale unit. What did you write to go with the castles and dragons?

  2. The dragon was originally a glyph from someone else on TPT. (I don't remember who.) I changed it. The prompt was "If I had a dragon, I would...". The castle was I created on Friday. The prompt is "If I lived in a castle...". It was very easy. I'll post the construction paper dimensions and close-up photo on Thursday.

  3. Awesome!!thanks for your response