Saturday, September 22, 2012

Brown Bear and Teddy Bears

 For the last 2 weeks we have been doing Brown Bear, Brown Bear activities and having fun with Teddy Bears.
The children brought in their favorite Teddy Bear to spend a couple weeks at school with them!  I love how this little sweetie did not bring a bear but instead brought his monkey!  Hey....he is an AMAZING MONKEY so why not?

We had a Teddy Bear picnic with treats brought by our parents.

We had Honey Combs, Honey Nut Cheerios, Honey Graham Teddy Grahams, Gummy Bears, and juice boxes.

It was super fun!  We watched the Teddy Bear Picnic Youtube, and the Gummy Bear song!!
We made our "bear bags".  Last year I called them "purses" and the boys did not like that much so this year they are bags!

Inside our bags were our Brown Bear Brown Bear sequencing strips so we could retell our parents the story!

We measured our teddy bears using this Exploring My Bear sheet I stole off of some cute blog!  Probably Julie Lee!

This is my favorite Baylor Bear!  
All of our math workstations for the past 2 weeks have been Julie Lee's Brown Bear centers and 
a Brown Bear unit I bought from KinderKids!  They both are fabulous!

 Roll the die and put that many bear counters on your mat.
Match the number to the correct Brown Bear animal and record.

This a pic of our work jobs.  I am using the format from Kim Adsit where we follow along all year!  
They start with me telling them a number and they had to put on that many fruit loops.
The actual mats and counters change with our theme but the concept and number they are working on
stays the same until they master it.  I started last year and it was AWESOME!

They roll the shape cube and trace the shape.

 They count the dots on the Brown Bear animal and record.
They roll the die and trace the number.

They read the ten frame and record.

They pull out a brown bear card and color a square above the correct animal the correct color until
one column reaches the top!

I had an idea to feature one section of our daily schedule in pictures and tell you in depth how we do our day in K.  If I can figure out how to host a linky party I will do that too!  We will see!

Have a great weekend!  The weather is awesome today in Texas!  To celebrate the season of Fall all of our TPT product prices have FALLEN 20 % !  For this weekend only!  Go grab our 
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Peace & Love,


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