Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Welcome to the greatest show on earth!

We have been learning all about circus animals and the circus!  Mostly we have used ideas we have been doing for years and beefed it up by learning about some additional zoo animals from Deanna Jump's amazing zoo animal unit!  We wrapped up our unit with our kindergarten circus!  The entire school and all of our kindergarten parents come and watch the circus!  Here is our amazing adventure in pictures!

This is our ringmaster I made on our door to graph our favorite circus act!

Our display outside our room....under the big top!

These are circus tents... they painted and drew themselves and wrote about what they would be doing in the circus!

Our funny clowns!  They loved designing their own faces!

Word wall on our bathroom door!  They used interactive writing to label circus words they would need to use in their writing!

These are fabulous non-fiction books that I found at Barnes and Noble!  They have just the right amount of information for kindergarten kiddos!  I bought all of the animals!!!
My sweet class right before show time! I'm the silly clown in the back!  
May all your days be circus days!!!!


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  2. I did a big circus unit the first few years I taught! I haven't done it in years! What did y'all do at your circus? You should post of that and share! The costumes look precious!

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