Sunday, January 29, 2012

What we've been up to! 100th preparation & FEBRUARY!

Wowzers!  We have been SUPER busy!  Here are some pics to prove it!
We have been busy learning about arctic animals from Deanna Jump's Arctic Animals unit!
They have LOVED this and are enjoying all of the writing we have been doing with it!

We made our snowman heads with patterned scarfs from Julie Lee!

This 5 senses anchor chart was inspired by Pencils, Glue, and Tying Shoes!

These penguins were inspired from Pinterest!  Not sure where I saw these!  

These are our 5 senses kids!  Inspired by Pencils, Glue, and Tying Shoes!  They turned out soooo cute!

In preperation for the 100th day of school we have been making these super-cute kids!  This is inspired by Pinterest, as well!  I LOVE them!!!!!  Their writing turned out so cute, too!
If this idea is yours I would LOVE to give you the credit you deserve!  Let me know!!!

Monday is our 100th day of Kindergarten! I always blow up 100 balloons with the numbers 1-100 inside them!  Zero The Hero brings them while the kids are in P.E.!  They get to pop them by sitting on them and then we put the numbers in order on this chart in the hallway!  They LOVE this!!!!!  I will post pictures tomorrow of all of the cute things we did!!!  

We have been busy making SMARTboard files for FEB!  I just uploaded them to TPT!

I uploaded 2 notebooks- February Math & February Literacy!  They are jam-packed with SWEET skills for your kiddos to master!!!

*count down to valentines day!            *graphing                     *100's chart skills and games
*ten-frames                                          * patterning                   *missing numbers
*time                                                   *calendar skills              *fact families
*money                                               *Odd & Even                 *addition & subtraction
*money poems & songs                      *story problems


*medial vowel sounds          *digraphs          *put the months of the year in order by reading
*CVC writing                      *ending sounds      *valentine concentration
*rhyming                             * sight word hunt    * sorting words
*making words                   * songs & poems     * writing about groundhogs & valentines


Come check us out on TPT!!!!!
AND.....(drum-roll, please!)
To celebrate our 100th day of school........we are throwing a sale!!!!! On Monday, and Monday only....everything will be $1.00!!!!!   So, run on over and pick up whatcha want!!!!  :)


  1. I am so excited to grab your Smartboard activities! Wahoo! Thank you!

    I love all of the pictures you shared! What wonderful and fun learning! =)

    Heather's Heart

    1. Thanks Heather! You are such a SWEETIE! Enjoy them!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE your site! I HAD to share your ideas and I tagged you in a post on my blog! Come check it out!

    hope to talk to you soon! :)

    1. Thanks sooo much Kristina!! You said such sweet things!!!! I will certainly play the tag game ASAP! AFTER the 100th day of school! :) Ha!

  3. Holy late, I'm just seeing this now! Thanks for the shout-out!!! Yours turned out sooo cute!
    Love it,