Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Cyber Monday

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving Blogging Buddies!  We had lots of fun in class leading up to Thanksgiving!
We compared the pilgrims to us today!  This idea came from Chalk Talk.  We read lots of books about pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving!  The kids could'nt get enough of it!  They were so in to learning about the first thanksgiving!  It was fun!

We read books about the Mayflower and the pilgrims' journey to their new land.  We discussed why they sailed, who sailed, and what it was like on the Mayflower.  This came from Deanna Jump.

We talked about turkys!  This idea came from Chalk Talk.

These are our Five Fat Turkeys hanging up!  Sooo cute!

These are our leaf-pile kids!  They were fun to make!  I can't remember where I saw this!  If it's yours let me know!!  We wrote about what we can do in the fall.
Our Turkeys!  My favorite says, "Eat more cucumbers!"  Ha!

Our thankful pilgrims!  Our Native Americans!  These are my take on some that I saw on Pinterest!
The kids wrote what they were thankful for on the Pilgrims and their number words on their Native Americans in the 1 little, 2 little Indians poem.
My little turkeys!
Some of my little Indians!

Soooo....I truly love this time of year!  Hearing what kindergarteners are thankful for truly warms my heart!

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  1. I just gave you the Sunshine Award. Please visit my blog and check it out!
    Thanks for all your great units!

  2. This is the cutest little blog ever!!! My kinder kids are going to love some of these activities. I would love to do the soldiers for Veteran's Day!!

  3. Do you have the template for the turkeys holding up the signs??